An Awkward Hello & Pleased to Meet You!

I pay $100,000 per year for happiness, how about you?

Okay, let me back this up a bit before you start to get the wrong idea. After university, I spent nearly 10 years of my life chasing a pay cheque. But the whole ‘work to live’ thing wasn’t quite panning out the way I thought it would, and I found myself spending most of those pay cheques on a whole bunch of junk I didn’t need, as a bandaid to cover up the fact that I-HATED-EVERYTHING-ABOUT-MY-JOB-AND-MY-LIFE-AND-MY-JOB-AND-OH-MY-DOG-HELP-ME-IF-I-EVER-HAVE-TO-SIT-BEHIND-THAT-DESK-EVER-AGAIN. Errrr, too dramatic? Alright, so fast forward to July 2018 when I found the courage to just rip that bandaid off and do something about it already. I made the decision to walk away from my corporate career, and I made the jump without any safety net in sight. Goodbye corporate card, downtown parking spot, fancy-pantsy boozy lunches, and golf tournaments (okay, let’s be real – never having to ever golf again is maybe-probably the very best part of leaving my old job). I once defined my very own value in monetary terms; my self-esteem and self-worth tightly tied together with a number on a T4 slip. And I cut that tie in one very vulnerable and brave snip. Spoiler alert: I dug deep and found the meaning of happiness and fulfillment in a job that pays me $100,000 less per year, but I’ve never looked back. Not once. You can’t put a dollar sign on what this new job and life has given me, and friends- I promise that is not an exaggeration.

Hi everyone, I’m Sammy Musgrave, Behaviour Coordinator for a local animal rescue in Calgary, AB. This isn’t my first blog, but in my previous blogging-life I had mainly focused on mental health (hint hint – corporate Sammy wasn’t the happiest of humans out there). And now I am here to share everything I know about dogs and behaviour modification. Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your training questions and needs, and to share an insider’s view of rescue. Focusing on our furry canine friends isn’t that much of a leap from what I was writing about before, given that they have always been a form of therapy for me.

This is the kind of therapy that I subscribe to.

Anyways, enough about me! Here is what you need to know. This is a safe and accessible forum for those of you who foster, own, or care for dogs. I really want to hear your comments, and I don’t want you to be afraid to ask questions. The topic of training and animal welfare can be touchy! But don’t worry, I don’t usually bite and I have been taught amazing bite inhibition. Welcome to my lame and awkward sense of humour, and to my blog!